Fundamentals of Christianity

A Practical Guide to Following Jesus

Whether you are new to the Christian faith or you have been a Christian for a while, this course will walk you through fundamental concepts of the faith and practical steps to following Jesus. Enroll for free today and a dedicated mentor will walk with you as you discover your life in Christ!
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Why this course?

This course will provide you with consistency and accountability as you navigate your Christian faith.


Whether it is exercising or learning a new skill, consistency is key for growing. Likewise when it comes to growing in your faith and allowing Jesus to be Lord over every part of your life, it is helpful to have some consistency in His Word and Presence. This course consistently points you to Scripture and invites you to spend time in His presence. 


Admittedly, it is not simply a course that transforms one’s heart or mind. Rather, it is the renewing of your mind that comes from God and His Word. This course points you to the One who can transform so that transformation in your life can continue to happen even after you have completed the course. (See Romans 12:2)


Much like consistency, accountability can help you prioritize growing in your relationship with Jesus. This course partners you with a mentor who will ask you questions about what you are learning and applying along the way so you get the most out of it!

Access to Resources

Each session is packed with resources that help provide information on common questions about Christianity. These are resources for you to use, share with others, or save for later use. 

Course Content

Meet the instructor

Rebecca Clark

Rebecca started as a Biblical Studies intern for Youth 4 Orphans and is currently the Director of Connections. She has a passion for biblical literacy and missions, helping people from various backgrounds and cultures navigate Scripture as they ask questions about God and His character. She received her Master of Divinity from Southeastern University in 2022.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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