The Program

What it is and How it works
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The Academy

The Advance the Faith Academy is a free Christian discipleship and mentoring program. With over ten 6-week courses, participants can strengthen their foundational beliefs, discover their mission field, learn how to read Scripture, or Find truth about their identity and the culture. Our online academy offers a safe place for your toughest questions and encouragement in finding the answers within the word of God. This program is a great way to have a knowledgeable and equipped mentor walk through Scripture and life with you.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

After a completed application is received, a mentor and participant are paired for the 6-week course chosen. Most learners begin with Foundations or Practical Guide to Following Jesus. Each week the participant completes online learning at their convenience, followed by a scheduled online or over the phone mentor meeting to discuss the material and life application. 

Who can participate?

The material is designed for mature high school students, young adults, and adults who have a desire to have an active and vibrant Christian faith and apply Christian principles in their everyday life. However, age should not limit you from participating. There are new believers and seasoned believers who grow from the content. If you have the ability to have a commitment to the program we would love to talk to you about enrolling.

What is the commitment?

This program requires a 6-week commitment per course and a desire to grow as a Christian. At Advance the Faith we not only want to help you deepen your faith and understanding of Scripture, but also to help you become a disciple who makes disciples. In other words someone who Advances the Faith. Each course is divided into 6 online sessions and takes about 1 hour each week to complete. It is completed at any time you that works for you, however, it should be completed at least 1 day prior to your weekly mentor meeting. The mentor meeting occurs over the phone or online and takes about 1 hour. We know that everyone is busy, so we ask that the content be completed within 10 weeks to respect everyone's time.

What is the cost?

The Academy and mentorship is free to participants. Advance the Faith and it's donors are committed to your future and funds are raised to cover the costs. There are other opportunities to connect with the ATF community like retreats, graduations, and coaching that do have costs associated with the events. 

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are spiritually mature Christian people who have made a commitment to walk alongside you as a guide, advisor, and friend. They have been background screened and trained to serve in this capacity. Coaches are trained and certified coaches within different specialties and are background screened and supervised. Mentors and coaches are always gender specific to the participant (females mentor females, etc.). Mentors & coaches are not trained counselors or therapists.

Certified Academy Mentors & Other Opportunities

Participants who meet the minimum criteria for advancement may make application and receive training as a Certified Academy Mentor. After training they will be eligible to mentor another person in the program. We are always looking for talented people who want to see their faith intersect with their talents and passions. Each year we have internships and mission trip opportunities that Academy participants can apply for. 

Is the program for a specific denomination?

No, this program uses resources from many teachers, pastors, and theologians from many denominations and non-denomination Christian Faiths. The content and mentors focus on the things that unite us as Christians, not on what divides us. The content and mentors point you to the Scripture for answers and not traditions held by religious institutions. 

More questions or want a demo?

We would love to share more about what we do at Advance the Faith. We have demo presentations for both future mentors and participants in the program. Feel free to reach out to us at for more information. 
If you are ready to take your faith, understanding of Scripture, and mission to the next level, we invite you to apply today. 
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